Capital Region Engaged Scholar Teacher Fellowship

CREST is designed to build regional leadership in community-engaged teaching and scholarship through networking, professional development, and mentorship. Each CREST Fellow commits to designing/redesigning a community-engaged course in Fall Semester to be implemented in the Spring Semester.

Highlights of the fellowship include:

Access to national and regional syllabi, project descriptions, and mini-presentations from faculty mentors.

Interaction and collaboration with community partners throughout the process.

Regional mentors to aid in partnership development, problem shooting, preparing for pitfalls, etc.

Learning community format with cross-institution smaller discussion cohorts.

2020-2021 Important Program Dates

CREST program is designed to be flexible, community-oriented, and responsive to the needs of each cohort. Regular workshops, community dinners, and informal reading discussions are designed to create a regional cohort of community-engaged faculty, develop academic leadership, and facilitate campus change.

Due to Covid-19, C.R.E.S.T. programing has been pushed to Spring 2021. Check back here for more updates

CREST Fellow Benefits

Course Design Stipend

Access to mini-grants to support courses

Free copy of The Craft of Community-Engaged Teaching and Learning (Marshall Welch)

Click here to read more about University At Albany’s 2019/2020 CREST Fellows

To apply, send an email to your campus representative , deadline August 25th